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Mission Statement

It is my mission to advance the love of archery by providing a high level of training and coaching for archers from beginners to advanced tournament shooters.  Everyone can improve, however,  everyone needs assistance to find and reach their highest potential.  As a Coach it is my responsibility to improve myself first so that I am able to provide the assistance others deserve.

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Why Choose a USA Archery Certified Coach

USA ARCHERY has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the training programs for students, instructors, coaches and judges.  The training to obtain certifications is rigorous and thorough.  Most importantly it is a nationally standardized program that was established to insure that our athletes could perform on an international stage including the Olympics.  When training with a USA Archery Certified Coach, every archer is trained with the same techniques and with the same methods no matter where you may be located.  If an archery student of mine were to move away to another location, the training would remain consistent.  This is especially important for those who want to move on to become trainers and coaches themselves.  Also, for those younger athletes that are working to obtain college scholarships, they can rest assured that when they start their new program, everything they were taught will be familiar to their new coach. 


To grow Daytona Archers membership with the hopes of creating a target archery course for practice and for hosting tournaments. Also, organizing  a group of archers to attend local and regional target archery tournaments as well as 3D and field.

Archery Targets
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